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Season 6 Match - - - - - 10 Match
1968 *Paul Kempfer Group 12.910
Wellsburg, NY
1969 Richard Kepp Group 13.880 10 Match Aggregates and
Harrisburg, PA 6 Match Score Aggregates
*Earl Chronister Group 11.369
York, PA Originated in 1973
1971 Guido DiVito Group 13.531
Williamsport, PA
1972 Cliff Hocker Group 15.417
Camp Hill, PA
1973 Chet Leach Group 13.479 *Bill Theis Group 18.050
Granville, PA Williamsport, Pa
*Cliff Hocker Score 83.500 *George Stephanis Score 736
Camp Hill, PA Marietta, PA
1974 Bill Hagerman Group 11.854 *George Stephanis Group 14.693
Ocean N.J. Marietta Pa
*George Stephanis Score 90.667 *David Shull Score 785
Marietta, PA Millerstown, PA
1975 Clair Peters Group 11.609 *Joe Reitz Group 14.206
Columbia, PA Sunbury, PA
Harold Brubaker Score 90.167 *Joe Doebler Score 820
Columbia, PA Williamsport, PA
1976 *Bill Hagerman Group 11.307 *Bill Hagerman Group 14.359
Ocean, N.J. Ocean, N.J.
Bill Hagerman Score 88.687 Bill Hagerman Score 858
Ocean, N.J. Ocean, N.J.
1977 Gregory Keim Group 12.906 George Stephanis Group 14.775
Columbia, PA Marietta, PA
Earl Chronister Score 87.500 George Stephanis Score 797
York, PA Marietta, PA
1978 *Al Teichner Group 10.625 *Al Teichner Group 13.694
Nutley, N.J. Nutley, N.J.
Joe Savoca Score 89.000 Al Teichner Score 777
Lititz, PA Nutley, N.J.
1979 Al Teichner Group 10.791 *Al Teichner Group 12.000
Nutley, N.J. Nutley, N.J.
*Richard Beaver Score 92.167 Richard Beaver Score 862
Watsontown, PA Watsontown, PA
1980 Rick Taylor Group 11.890 Clair Peters Group 14.769
Seabrook, MD Columbia, PA
Clair Peters Score 86.667 Roy Mummey Score 804
Columbia, PA Penbrook, PA
1981 *Earl Chronister Group 9.474 Bob Wolfe Group 12.672
York, PA Mifflinburg, PA
Ron McDermit Score 89.500 Bob Wolfe Score 823
Mill Hall, PA Mifflinburg, PA
1982 Howard Wolfe Group 9.750 George Reeder Group 12.075
Mifflinburg, PA Cogan Station, PA
*Howard Wolfe Score 92.833 David Shull Score 860
Mifflinburg, PA Millerstown, PA
1983 *Earl Chronister Group 8.990 *Howard Wolfe Group 11.537
York, PA Mifflinburg, PA
Lowell Amand Score 91.667 Lowell Amand Score 851
Lititz, PA Lititz, PA
1984 Earl Chronister Group 9.354 *Earl Chronister Group 10.968
York, PA York, PA
*Howard Wolfe Score 93.000 *David Shull Score 900
Mifflinburg, PA Millerstown, PA
1985 *Lowell Amand Group 7.906 *Lowell Amand Group 10.037
Lititz, PA Lititz, PA
*David Shull Score 93.167 David Shull Score 897
Millerstown, PA Millerstown, PA
1986 Bruce Seiler Group 8.187 Greg Amand Group 10.831
Wayne, PA Lititz, PA
*Lowell Amand Score 93.333 Lowell Amand Score 894
Lititz, PA Lititz, PA
1987 *Greg Amand Group 7.953 Bruce Seiler Group 11.792
Lititz, PA Wayne, PA
Greg Amand Score 94.166 Bruce Seiler Score 890
Lititz, PA Wayne, PA
1988 Greg Mizopalko Group 8.968 Mark King Group 10.456
Pylesville, MD Duncannon, PA
J.J. Bradley Score 94.000 J.J. Bradley Score 834
Lititz, PA Lititz, PA
1989 Stan Grube Group 9.083 Stan Grube Group 11.799
Lititz, PA Lititz, PA
Stan Grube Score 93.166 Bob Wolfe Score 864
Lititz, PA Mifflinburg, PA
1990 *Paul DeWalt Group 7.973 Earl Chronister Group 10.683
New Cumberland, PA York, PA
Paul DeWalt Score 94.333 Paul DeWalt Score 890
New Cumberland, PA New Cumberland, PA
1991 Paul DeWalt Group 8.530 *Sarah Morgan Group 9.768
New Cumberland, PA Williamsport, PA
Larry Mitchell Score 92.333 Bill Hagerman Score 870
Wellsboro, PA Ocean, N.J.
1992 Bill Hagerman Group 8.005 *Bill Hagerman Group 9.515
W. Long Branch, N.J. W. Long Branch, N.J.
Lowell Amand Score 94.166 Les Wilcox Score 898
Lititz, PA W. Long Branch, N.J.
1993 *Les Hagerman Group 7.448 Les Wilcox Group 10.262
W. Long Branch, N.J. W. Long Branch, N.J.
Les Hagerman Score 93.667 Bob Wolfe Score 891
W. Long Branch, N.J. Mifflinburg, PA
1994 John Brownlee Group 7.459 *John Brownlee Group 9.395
Avis, PA Avis, PA
*Les Hagerman Score 94.667 Kathy Saltalamachia Score 87.0
W. Long Branch, N.J. Oswego, N.Y.
1995 Allen Eveler Group 8.672 Walter Bryan Group 10.780
Felton, PA Salladasburg, PA
John Brownlee Score 92.667 Allen Eveler Score 891
Avis, PA Felton, PA
1996 Wayne Eveler Group 7.540 Wayne Eveler Group 9.440
Felton, PA Felton, PA
Bill Bowman Score 93.667 Bill Bowman Score 88.600
Harrisburg, PA Harrisburg, PA
1997 Wayne Eveler Group 8.067 Wayne Eveler Group 9.766
Felton, PA Felton, PA
Ray Culp Score 94.167 *Walt Bryan Score 91.500
Red Lion, PA Salladasburg, PA
1998 *Wayne Linsenbach Group 6.451 *Wayne Linsenbach Group 7.295
New Bloomfield, PA New Bloomfield, PA
*Joe Lesley Score 96.000 *Joe Lesley Score 92.400
Smyrna, DE Smyrna, DE
1999 Edward Dillon Jr. Group 7.074 Edward Dillon Jr. Group 8.539
Telford, PA Telford, PA
*Richard Lauver Score 96.667 *Richard Lauver Score 94.000
Mifflentown, PA Mifflentown, PA
2000 Leslie Wilcox Group 7.018 Leslie Wilcox Group 7.880
West Long Branch,NJ West Long Branch, NJ
John Brownlee Score 95.833 Hubert Hakes Score 92.000
Beech Creek, PA Linden, PA
2001 Mark King Group 6.8147 Mark King Group 8.5585
Duncannon, PA Duncannon, PA
Bill Hagerman Score 96.000 Bill Weirick Score 92.000
Point Pleasant, NJ Selinsgrove, PA
2002 Rich Dillon Group 6.5140 Rich Dillon Group 7.6639
Wind Gap, PA. Wind Gap, PA.
Rich Dillon Score 96.500 Rich Dillon Score 90.400
Wind Gap, PA. Wind Gap, PA.
2003 *Randy Houser Group 6.2793 Matthew Kline Group 8.0735
Lewisburg, PA Selinsgrove, PA
Jason Burchett Score 96.500 Jason Burchett Score 93.200
Airville, PA Airville, PA
2004 John Hoover Group 6.2862 Mark King Group 8.5057
Tyrone, PA Duncannon, PA
*Terry Snyder Score 96.667 Wes Springman Score 92.400
New Columbia, PA Montgomery, PA
2005 *Matthew Kline Group 5.8357 Matthew Kline Group 8.7916
Selinsgrove, PA Selinsgrove, PA
Philip Bower Score 95.667 Dale Anesi Score 90.900
Williamsport, PA Hunlock Creek, PA
2006 Ted Morgan Group 6.4237 Mark King Group 7.8078
Williamsport, PA Duncannon, PA
Dan Frazier Score 96.667 Wes Springman Score 94.600
Rauchtown, PA Montgomery, PA
2007 Matt Dienes Group 5.6755 Matt Dienes Group 7.7707
Indiana, PA Indiana, PA
Eric Springman Score 96.833 Eric Springman Score 93.400
Allenwood, PA Allenwood, PA
2008 Matt Kline Group 5.5887 Phil Bower Group 7.4491
Selinsgrove, PA Jersey Shore, PA
* Ken Brucklacher Score 98.333 Dan Frazier Score 93.100
Allenwood, PA Rauchtown, PA
2009 Matt Kline Group 5.6442 Kathy Saltalamachia Group 7.6617
Selinsgrove, PA Oswego, NY
Kathy Saltalamachia Score 96.667 Edward Kenzakoski Score 92.500
Oswego, NY Wilkes Barre, PA
2010 Matt Kline Group 5.1078 *Jimmy Kuchinski Group 6.1616
Selinsgrove, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA
*Matt Kline Score 99.000 *Matt Kline Score 96.200
Selinsgrove, PA Selinsgrove, PA
2011 *Frank Weber Group 5.0323 *Louis Wagner Group 6.1149
Steelton, PA Hunlock Creek, PA
Louis Wagner Score 98.500 *Louis Wagner Score 96.300
Hunlock Creek, PA Hunlock Creek, PA
* Denotes record group or score agg.

Past Agg Winners, Light Gun Class