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1.0 It shall be the responsibility of all members to have full knowledge of Club rules and operating procedures.

2.0 Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any kind is prohibited on the club grounds at any time. This includes within vehicles, trailers, tents or other structures.

3.0 Mutilation, alteration or additions to any range facilities (benches, target frames, backstops, etc) will not be allowed by anyone. Paper targets only are to be attached to the target backer boards.


4.0 Anyone, age 18 or over, may apply for annual membership in this Club by filling out an application for membership, plus a check or money order for annual dues in U.S. funds, and mailing both to:

P.O. BOX 218,
Allenwood, PA. 17810.

4.1 Applicants will be issued a temporary membership card for the first year. They will be issued a regular membership card for the second year, providing twelve months have passed since the temporary membership card was issued.

4.1.1 Current membership cards will be issued annually to all members renewing their membership and to all Life Members.

4.2 New members will receive, free of charge, an embroidered Club brassard. Others may purchase the brassard for $5.00. Applications for renewals, requests for brassards, and all other correspondence should be mailed to the above address.

The Club has three basic membership plans, as follows:

5.1 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP $60.00 for annual membership.

5.2 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP $70.00 for annual membership, which includes an individual, spouse and children under the age of 18, spouse and children are associate members.

5.3 LIFE MEMBERSHIP $550.00. This plan may be paid for all at once, or in nine installments of $50.00 each. These installments MUST all be paid in one calendar year.


6.0 No caliber larger than 40 caliber may be used on the range at any time (unless authorized by the board of directors in advance of the match, demonstration, class, or other authorized event requiring larger caliber firearms. This does not include regularly sanctioned aggregate matches or the World Open). Any equipment thought to be unsafe, harmful, destructive, or otherwise unpredictable will not be allowed on the range at any time. Examples include, but are not limited to: tracer, incendiary, or explosive projectiles, and use of full-auto loading weapons.

7.0 General Shooting Hours are as follows: Weekdays 9:10 AM to 7:50 PM. Sundays 1:10 PM to 5:50 PM. The range is closed on Holiday weekends. This includes the 1000, 600 and 100 yard ranges.

8.0 Only Club Members are permitted to be on the grounds and/or to shoot at the ORIGINAL PENNSYLVANIA 1000 YARD BENCHREST CLUB. Regarding shooting, there are several exceptions, as follows:

8.1 A temporary member may shoot in no more than two scheduled aggregate matches per year. To continue to participate in scheduled matches, temporary members must apply for annual Club membership. The match entry fee for temporary members will be $25.00 per match.

8.1.1 Only members are allowed to come on club property and to use the range on an off day or weekend (except when the range is officially closed).

8.2 The club wishes to encourage shooting by young people between the ages of 12 and 18, which we call JUNIOR SHOOTERS.

8.2.1 To encourage shooters who are at least 12 years old but under the age of 18, we permit them to compete in scheduled matches as long as they are part of a family membership or are temporary members. They may shoot for $15.00 per match for an unlimited number of matches until reaching age 18. They must serve in the pits for scheduled matches.

8.2.2 Junior Shooters may participate in informal shooting at the club, on an off day or weekend, (except when the range is officially closed), when accompanied by a Club Member who is over the age of 18.

8.2.3 A sub-junior class allows shooters between the ages of 8 and 12 years old to participate in matches as well. The sub-junior class shooters must have a mentor (older than 18 years of age) at the bench while the sub-junior is shooting. Also, the mentor must provide a pit puller for the sub-junior shooter until the sub-junior shooter reaches the age of 12 years old.

9.0 Range will be open for informal shooting by any member holding a current annual membership card during the previously noted Shooting Hours, except during a Scheduled Match or during Big Game seasons. The range is closed on holiday weekends.

9.1 Our lease binds us to the requirement that the member MUST FIRST come to the home of Larry Plants land owner, or call the preceding evening (570 995 9143) and inform him that the member intends to use the range. This arrangement should eliminate the risk of Mr. Plants and others inadvertently being within the danger zone of the range.

9.2 When using the range for non scheduled (informal) shooting, you are required to use a flag system as follows:

9.2.1 Remove three (3) flags from the tube on the post near the bench nearest the road, and place flags in respective holders to indicate that the range is in use. The locations of the three flag holders are (1) on post near bench nearest the road, (2) on post at lane to Larry Plant's house, and (3) at the entrance to the pits. Please store flags properly when you finish shooting.

9.2.2 NOTE: Tree Farm personnel will post THEIR flag on the post at lane near Larry Plant's house (Location 2) when working in the fields.

9.2.3 If their flag is posted, you MUST devise a mutually acceptable safe shooting procedure with the tree farm personnel before any shooting. (NO mutually acceptable Procedure = NO SHOOTING!).

10.0 There are no restrictions as to shooting position (bench, prone, etc.).



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12.0 The entry fee for scheduled matches for annual Club members when paid ON or BEFORE the due date is $21.00 per match or $30.00 if paid AFTER the due date. Non-members fee is $25.00.

12.2 The due date for receipt of match entry fees is the Thursday before each scheduled match, or by April 15th of the current match year if you want to be drawn for a "rotation". 600 yard match entry fees are due on the date of the match.

12.2.1 By necessity, "Rotations" prevents the Club from accommodating individual shooters who wish to borrow equipment (rifles, etc) from another shooter. A shooter who needs to borrow equipment should:

(1) AVOID participating in the "rotation", and

(2) notify the Secretary of the NAME of the shooter whose equipment will be BORROWED, when the borrower sends in the entry fee. The Secretary will attempt to squad the Borrowing shooter on a Relay OTHER than the Relay of the PROVIDER of the needed equipment, if an appropriate vacancy exists. If an appropriate relay does not exist, the Borrower's entry CANNOT be accepted and will be returned.

12.3 Entries will not be accepted without payment attached or enclosed.

12.4 No entries will be accepted by telephone.

12.5 Make all checks or money orders payable to: ORIGINAL PENNSYLVANIA 1000 YARD BENCHREST CLUB, and mail entries to the Club at P.O. BOX 218 Allenwood, PA 17810.

12.6 Under no circumstances will any ACCEPTED entry fees be refunded or returned (unless determined necessary by a majority vote of the board od directors).

12.7 Any entries received for a specified match may be RESCHEDULED, providing it is done before the entry fee due date for THAT scheduled match.

12.8 You CANNOT carry over entry fees from one year to another.

12.9 We do not encourage "Walk In" Scheduled Match shooters. However, if you are a NON MEMBER and would like to try shooting a Scheduled Match, we will accommodate you if a vacant Relay and Bench exists.


13.0 For safety reasons, bolts shall be removed from all rifles as soon as the rifles have been removed from your vehicle. The range officer will issue a command to install bolts, prior to the start of your relay.

13.1 It is recommended that safety glasses be worn when shooting and when in the pits

14.0 All scheduled matches will be held at a minimum distance of 1000 yards (Unless otherwise approved by the board of directors, example: 200 yard .22 rimfire mathces; 600 yard matches, etc).

15.0 All scheduled matches will begin promptly at 9:00 AM, Current Time, weather permitting. The Pit crew for Relay #1 will be called for duty at 8:40 AM Current Time and must be in the pits no later than 8:50 AM. 600 yard matches are immediately following light gun competition.

16.0 The 100 YARD RANGE is closed to all shooting during scheduled matches. Bore sighting (without shooting) on the 100-yard range is permitted during scheduled matches.

17.0 On a Match day, Group and Score Shoot Offs will occur upon completion of all the aggregate Relays. Shooters eligible for the Group Shoot Off are all the individual Relay winners for Group. Your assigned Bench for the Group Shoot Off coincides with the number of the Relay you won for Group. Shooters eligible for the Score Shoot Off are all the individual Relay winners for Score. Your assigned Bench for the Score Shoot Off coincides with the number of the Relay you won for Score.

17.1 Score Shoot Off competitors pull targets for the Group Shoot Off competitors, who shoot first. Then, the Group Shoot Off competitors pull targets for the Score Shoot Off competitors, who shoot last.

17.2 Upon completion of these Shoot Offs for an aggregate match, the range is formally and officially CLOSED. AFTER verification that the pit crews AND ALL PIT OFFICERS have secured and safely VACATED the Pits, it is permissible for any member to re open the range for informal shooting. It is ESSENTIAL that common sense safety precautions be observed, and that spectators are warned to wear ear protection.

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18.0 No shooter may shoot more than once in any scheduled match, even with different rifles.

18.1 This rule does not include aggregate match Shoot Offs, or when the Club is holding a special event (such as the World Open).

18.2 If, early in the Sighter period, a new shooter or a new Junior Shooter is unable to put even one shot on the sighter target, it is permissible for the Coach (reference Rules 21.0, 21.1 and 21.2) to fire the new person's rifle a sufficient number of times until one shot is spotted on the sighter target. Then the new shooter must resume firing his or her rifle for the remainder of the Sighter period.

19.0 If any two (or more) competitors using the same rifle qualify for, and intend to participate in a Shoot Off, it is the responsibility of these competitors to acquire ALL the equipment necessary to permit them to SIMULTANEOUSLY participate in the Shoot Off with all the other Shoot Off participants.

20.0 Shooters for aggregate (ie. those who intend to shoot in 6 or more matches in the season for a given rifle class) may have a number drawn for them to establish a position for the rotation of benches and relays for all ten scheduled matches in that rifle class.

20.1 All other shooters will be intentionally placed on benches and relays that would otherwise be vacant.

20.2 Once a position (relay and bench) is drawn and assigned to a participant, that person may not switch positions with another shooter, or switch to an unoccupied bench(unless otherwise determined necessary by the board of directors).

20.3 Once a position (relay and bench) is assigned to a shooter, that shooter must be available to shoot at the firing line when the Range Officer (Range Master or person acting in such capacity within the Range Master stand) calls the shooter's relay and the shooter must fulfill their assigned pit duty.

21.0 Coaching is allowed during the Sighter period. Coaching is not allowed during the Record string with two exceptions, as follows:

21.1 For safety and familiarization purposes, new 1000 yard shooters may be assisted during the Record string for no more than two matches, with permission from the Range Officer (Range Master or person acting in such capacity within the Range Master stand).

21.2 For safety and training purposes, new Junior Shooters may be assisted during the Record string for a reasonable number of matches, with permission from the Range Officer. Determination of a "reasonable" number of matches will be based on the judgment of the Range Officer.

21.3 With respect to 21.1 and 21.2, assistance is defined as advice concerning actions of the new shooter that promote safety for spectators, other competitors on the firing line, the coach and the new shooter. Coaches may not give advice to new shooters that is designed/intended to aid the new shooter in obtaining a smaller group or a higher score (e.g. providing notification of wind or light changes, encouragement to "shoot now", etc.)

22.0 Prior to seating the next Relay, everyone must remain behind the "ready line" until given permission to approach the firing line by the Range Officer. The "ready line" is defined as being the first row of cleaning benches about 30 feet from the firing line. The purpose of this rule is threefold: It helps the Range Officer to see the extreme ends of the firing line; it reduces shooter distractions; and it is an aid to firing line safety.

23.0 All 1000 yard shooters will have six minutes to shoot an unlimited number of sighter shots. The first 2 minutes are for shooting at clay birds on the back bank; the last 4 minutes are for shooting at sighter targets and will be individually spotted. At the end of this allotted time, at the command of the Range Officer, all will begin to fire their ten shots for record with a ten-minute time limit. If for any reason a period of more than one minute elapses between the end of the sighters and the potential command to commence firing the record string, an additional sighter shot must be allowed. At the command of the Range Officer "to commence fire", the allotted times for sighter shots and the record string, in proper sequence, will begin.

23.1 For Scheduled Matches in the LIGHT GUN CLASS only, the allotted time for firing the 10 shot Record group is 15 Minutes, rather than the 10 minutes specified in Rule 23.0.

23.2 Each shooter should fire only ten (10) shots during the record string, and EACH OF THESE should be fired only at the record target. No sighter shots are permitted during the record string. Firing more than ten (10) shots during the record string will cause the offending shooter to be immediately disqualified. Firing before the Range Officer's command to "commence" or after the command to "cease" firing will also result in the shooters immediate disqualification. Accidental firing, for any cause(eg: firing as a consequence of closing the bolt) will not entitle the shooter to an "extra" (ie: "make-up") shot.

23.2.1 It is recognized that the offending shooter who fires more than ten (10) during his record string could still have only ten (10) shots appearing on his record target. Means of detecting the offense if this occurs would include, but not be limited to:

(a). Observation by match participants from behind the firing line,

(b). Observations by spectators from behind the firing line,

(c). Reports from pit personnel (includes officers OR target pullers) as a consequence of observing bullet splashes on the front bank or back bank impact areas.

24.0 The Range Officer will stop time to the effected shooter if a target is blown down or there is some delay in the pits. If there is a Range Equipment Failure, the shooter will have the option to have the problem repaired and finish shooting after one sighter shot (if desired) or to shoot over at the end of the relay.

25.0 Shooters will NOT be granted an alibi for any failure of their rifle, ammo, or related shooting equipment. If their equipment can be safely repaired this will be permitted WITHIN the remaining time interval. A shooter is permitted to REPLACE malfunctioning items, including rifles, but this also must be accomplished WITHIN the remaining time interval.

26.0 If for ANY reason a scheduled match cannot be completed in its entirety, all remaining (unshot) relays will be rescheduled by the Board of Directors. Relay numbers and benches will be as originally specified.

27.0 IF an EMERGENCY CEASE FIRE is called, everyone on the firing line shall immediately clear their chambers, remove the bolt from the rifle, stand up, step back from the bench, and await further instructions.

28.0 Scores and Group sizes will be posted at a location near the benches as the match progresses.


29.0 If 11 or more shots appear on a target, and all the other targets have 10 shots, the shooter with 11 or more shots will be disqualified unless he or she states that they only fired 10 shots, and can support this statement. When the shooter so states and can provide REASONABLE support to the statement, the shooter will be entitled to shoot over.

30.0 If more than 10 shots appear on one target and less than 10 appear on another, the shooter with less than 10 is automatically disqualified.

30.1 With respect to the target with more than 10 shots: If the difference in caliber size can be seen, or the group placements are obviously different (eg. if a shooter with only 9 shots on paper has all 9 shots in the upper right hand corner of the target, and the shooter with 11 shots on paper has 10 shots in the lower left hand corner of his target, plus an 11th shot in the upper right hand corner) then the Pit Chairman has the disregarded.

30.1.1 In case the Pit Chairman can not identify which specific shot or shots are the "extra" shots, the shooter with excessive shots on his target must first be asked if he fired more than 10 shots at the target. If he says "yes", he must be disqualified immediately. If he says, "no, he will then have the choice of accepting the group of excessive shots, or be given the opportunity to shoot over. The shooter must make this choice without being given any information about the SIZE of his group, his numerical SCORE, or the specific LOCATION of any shots on his target.

30.1.2 If the shooter elects to re fire the record string, he will re fire before the next scheduled relay begins. If the shooter elects to accept the group with excessive shots, the shot or shots closest to the center of the bull will be eliminated until only 10 shots remain, and group size and score will be determined by using these remaining, 10 shots.

31.0 There should be 10 verifiable shots on a record target. Where there are less than 10 shots, the target must be reviewed by the Pit officer and the target puller(s) before the target is removed from the backer. Their decision regarding number of holes in the target shall be final. The target in question must have the total number of shots noted and be signed on the plotting sheet by the Pit officer and target puller(s).

31.1 The target may subsequently be checked by the Board of Directors at the request of the Pit Officer.

32.0 When a target has been scored by the Target Chairman or Assistant Target Chairman it becomes official.

32.1 If a shooter thinks his target was incorrectly scored and to his DISADVANTAGE (ie. not credited with all the shots that hit the paper, or earned a higher score or smaller group than indicated) he may file a PROTEST. The Target Chairman, Assistant Target Chairman, and one other Board Member (preferably the President or Vice President) will reconsider the target, providing a $5.00 Protest Fee is paid immediately and the contested target is given to the Board Member. This fee will be refunded if there is a ruling in favor of the shooter.

32.1.1 If the target was shot in an aggregate relay, the Protest and Reconsideration process must be initiated and completed prior to the start of the Shoot off, or reconsideration will be denied.

32.1.2 If the target was shot during a Shoot off, the Protest and Reconsideration process must be initiated and completed before the above Directors leave the range, or reconsideration will be denied.

32.2 Review of a scored target by a shooter may cause him to feel that the target was erroneously credited with results BETTER than earned. When this occurs, the shooter may file an ADVISORY at ANY TIME by notifying ANY Board Member and requesting the target be re scored. A Fee need not be posted. The Target Chairman, Assistant Target Chairman, and Board Member will review the target and correct the official records, where necessary.

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33.0 Pit duty assignments will be posted on the Bulletin Board. There is no pit duty for 600 yard competitors.

33.1 It is the responsibility of the shooter to be in the pits when called. Pullers scheduled for the first relay must be in the pits by 8:50AM.

33.2 Roll call will be taken at the beginning of each pit detail.

33.3 In addition to being responsible for pit duty for the aggregate relays, you are also responsible for pit duty for the Shoot Off if you have won your relay for Group or Score.

33.4 If you become eligible to participate in a Shoot off, but elect NOT to shoot, you must still satisfy your Shoot off pit duty obligation.

33.5 If you do not wish to pull targets, it is your responsibility to provide a qualified person to take your place in the Pits.

33.6 Although the individual may shoot, anyone not fulfilling their pit duty obligation will be disqualified for score, group, and aggregate for that day's match.

33.7 Normally, a shooter, when serving pit duty, pulls the target whose number coincides with the bench on which he shoots for that day's Match. To improve pit efficiency, pit personnel may be reassigned to pull a different target at the discretion of the Pit Officer. Pit personnel must accept re assignment, should it occur.

33.8 Pit personnel must stay on their target until the end of the relay.


34.0 All ten shots of the record string must be on target to qualify for awards.

35.0 When a competitor has the smallest group and also the highest score for his relay, he must take the smallest group.

36.0 In the case of a tie for any award in any individual relay or match, the following procedures will be used to break ties:

36.1 If there is a tie for highest score, the smallest group of the tied targets will determine the score winner.

36.2 If there is a tie for smallest group, the highest score of the tied targets will determine the group winner.

36.3 If there is a tie for smallest group, and the scores are tied as well, the target with the bullet hole closest to the center of the bull is the group winner.

36.4 If there is a tie for highest score, and the group sizes are tied as well, the target with the bullet hole closest to the center of the bull is the score winner.

36.5 Ties for 6 match aggregate group or score shall be broken using the same six targets that were used to determine the aggregate.

36.5.1 The 6-match group aggregate tie will be broken by the 6 match aggregate score. If a tie still exists, duplicate awards will be given.

36.5.2 The 6-match score aggregate will be broken by the 6-match aggregate score. If a tie still exists, duplicate awards will be given.

36.6 If there are ties for 10 match aggregate group, the group winner shall be established by determining the best 10 match aggregat score. If there are ties for 10 match aggregate score, the score winner will be established by determining the best 10 match aggregate group. Where ties still exist, duplicate awards will be given.

37.0 If after a group is measured it is thought to be a World record, it must be measured by three people, the Target Chairman, the Assistant Target Chairman and the Club President or Vice President. Each of these persons will make three measurements. The six most similar of these nine measurements will be numerically averaged to determine the new World Record.

37.1 Group or Score World Records can only be officially recognized when shot/broken during a match sanctioned by the Board of Directors. These include all aggregate matches and their related Shoot Offs, plus the World Open. NOT included are "Fun Shoots", "Team Shoots associated with Work Parties", or any informal shooting. If a World Record is broken during a non aggregate match, a plaque will be awarded.

38.0 For both the Heavy and Light Gun Classes, plaques will be awarded for the smallest group and highest score shot during the year in the aggregate matches, including their Shoot Offs.

38.1 Any shooter wishing to receive a plaque, must pay for the plaque as well as notifying the Secretary or designee prior to leaving the match

39.0 For both the Heavy and Light Gun Classes, awards will be presented, as follows:

39.1 A relay winner pin for smallest group per relay, in each aggregate match.

39.2 A relay winner pin for highest score per relay, in each aggregate match.

39.3 All Shoot Offs will pay as follows: 1st place - $75.00 plus a patch; 2nd and 3rd place - Pin.

39.3.1 1st Place Shoot Off winner must accept the cash award. They have the option of also receiving a plaque paid for by themselves. If you want a plaque for the Shoot Off, you must notify the Secretary or Treasurer on the day of the match.

40.0 To qualify for a 6 Match Group or Score aggregate, you must shoot in six matches, and have 10 shots on paper for each match. If you shoot in more than six matches, your 6 match aggregates will be calculated from your best six groups and your best six scores, where you had ten shots on paper. 6 Match Aggregate awards will be presented at the end of the season for the smallest 6 Match Group Aggregates and the highest 6 Match Score aggregates. The total number of 6 match aggregate awards presented will be based on the average number of participants for the Gun Class during the season.

41.0 To qualify for a 10 Match Group or Score aggregate, you must shoot in all ten matches and have 10 shots on paper for every match. 10 Match aggregate awards will be presented at the end of the season for the smallest 10 Match Group Aggregates and the highest 10 Match Score Aggregates. The total number of 10 match aggregate awards presented will be based on the average number of participants for the Gun Class during the season.

41.1 Any club member who misses a match because of a death of an immediate family member within four days prior to a match, in order to achieve a 10 match aggregate, may use the bereavement clause. This provides the other nine matches to be averaged and the average to be added as the tenth match. The member must be able to substantiate the date of the death and funeral. Immediate family members shall be considered: spouse, parents, children, siblings, parents-in-law, siblings-in-law, step-parents and step-children. If taking an average to preserve a 10 match aggregate results in a person winning a year end award , there will be two such awards given that year, one to the person who used an average and one for the person who shoot the 10 matches. Both persons will also receive any Hall of Fame points as may be earned by the year end position.

42.0 Expunged

42.1 Year end aggregate 600 yard winners will be determined by the best five results for the year on average in both categories for all classes.

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43.0 A sandbag is a bag with a cover that can be easily flexed by the fingers, the contents of which shall be a finely divided, granular, non metallic substance, such as sand, gravel, or grain, each without additive, and packed loosely enough so that the bag with contents can be easily deformed by pressure of the fingers.

44.0 All sandbags on front pedestals must be a minimum of 1-1/2 inches wide by 4 inches long.

44.1 Neither the front nor rear rest may be attached to the rifle, or to each other; both shall be independent of each other.

45.0 Any gunstock or accessories thereon must maintain a minimum of 1/2 inch from the top of any retainer or container holding the sandbag on which the stock or part thereof rests.

45.1 This sandbag upon which the stock or part thereof rests is permitted to wrap upward around the sides of the rifle, for no more than 1/2 inch, maximum.

45.2 Rules 45.0 and 45.1 need not apply to any sandbag not supported by a retainer and that permits movement without restraint.

46.0 All new rest changes must be shown to and accepted by the Rules Committee and the Board of Directors.

47.0 Rifles having a magazine shall be loaded and fired single shot only. No auto loading rifles are permitted.


48.0 In the Heavy Gun class there are no restrictions concerning the rifle's weight.

49.0 In the Heavy Gun class there are no restrictions concerning the type of sights permitted.

50.0 There are no restrictions as to the width of the rifle stock forearm. This includes those areas that actually contact the front sandbag rest.

51.0 There are no restrictions as to the width of the rifle's buttstock.

52.0 Shoots shall be fired with sand bag front rests which may be supported on a pedestal which may not co-act with the sand bag to restrain recoil or form a return to battery guiding means.

52.1 A single sandbag rear rest must be used to support the rifle's buttstock. This sandbag must only support the buttstock between the rear of the pistol grip and the toe of the buttstock.

52.2 This sandbag must be a minimum of 1 inches wide and 3 inches long.

52.3 This sandbag may be used alone, or may be supported on a fixed pedestal or a mechanically adjusted pedestal.

53.0 Attachments to the rifle's barrel are permitted.

54.0 There should be no device present that stops rearward and/or upward movement of the rifle.

54.1 In the Heavy Gun class muzzle brakes are permitted, provided there is no rearward discharge of gasses.


55.0 Weight of the rifle as fired shall not exceed 17 pounds. Immediately after firing the record string, every competitor must go directly to the weighing station to have your gun checked by a range official.

56.0 There are no restrictions to the width of the stock.

57.0 Attachments to the stock are permitted.

58.0 Muzzle brakes are allowed to reduce recoil, provided there is no rearward discharge of gasses.

60.0 There are no barrel restrictions.

61.0 Matches will be fired using a single sand bag front rest. This may be supported on a pedestal which may not react with the sandbag to stop recoil or form a return to battery guiding means.

61.1 Mechanically adjustable rear rests are not permitted; only a single sandbag is permitted. Use of a spacer and/or sheet of rubberized shelf liner material is also allowed. No abrasive or adhesive material is permitted.