May 19,2007. A spectacular view in Pennsylvania.

Since 1967, the PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club has been holding sanctioned competitions of long range benchrest shooting. Owing a lot of its history to the nearby municipality of Williamsport Pennsylvania, it has become known as the "Williamsport Club". We are proud to be the birthplace of 1000 yard shooting. Our club holds ten regular sanctioned matches each season, none any closer than two weeks apart. The 1000 Yard World Open is always held here in July of each year, and also several "Fun Shoot" weekends, two before and one after the season. Classes fired are Light Gun on Saturdays and Heavy Gun on Sundays. References to these are made repeatedly throughout the site and definitions of each may be found in the rules section.

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2017-01-26 - 2017 Benchrest School Information

Have you ever thought about actually competing in 1000 Yard benchrest matches but had no idea how to start? We have the answer... The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club will be hosting the infamous Long Range Benchrest School in June of 2017. The school is run by some of the finest long range shooters in the world at one of the premier long range shooting facilities available. The school is an all inclusive event. The instructors provide all equipment and components for the 2-day school. All you need to do is be prepared to be flooded with information and hands on instruction and of course, having fun at the same time. This school has been very successful in the past and has produced some finely tuned competitive shooters. The information that is provided will shave years off of the typical leaning curve. Why not give it a try?
The number of students accepted is very limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis. There is an information letter and application on the bottom of the page listed under the "2017 Schedule" tab. The tab is on the upper left side of the HOME page. If you are reading this message then the school is still OPEN.
If you have any questions, please go to the "CONTACT US" tab on this site and reach out to Ray, Joe, Andy, or Eric.
Hope to see you at the range!

2017-01-11 - 2017 New Shooting Year!!!

Well, it's that time of year to start thinking about the upcoming shooting season! The winter board meeting is over and the dates have been set. The schedule is on the website for the coming year's events.
There have been some changes to the rules. Rule 8.2.3 has been added to show the sub-junior shooting class for shooters between 8 and 12 years old. Rule 42.0 was eliminated. Rule 61.1 was changed to allow spacers under the rear sandbag rest. ***There will be a vote by the membership pertaining to Rule 54.0 as it relates to some stock designs*** The date for the vote will be determined later and everyone will be notified.
This is our 50th year Anniversary!!! Several special events and items are being designed throughout the year. Namely, Match #5 will be our dedicated 50th Anniversary match!
There are MANY work items that need to be done at the range to get ready for the shooting season so I hope all of you come out to help during the work trip in April.
Membership fees can be sent in anytime. There is an application on this website under the "Club Hist-Info" tab. I am in the process of putting together a newsletter to be sent out shortly which will have the schedule, applications, camper agreements etc.
I look forward to seeing everyone soon. If you have any questions, you can email me at or contact Ray, Joe, or Andy from the Contact Us page.
Eric Wolfgang

2017-02-25 - 200 Yard .22 Rimfire matches

Time to break out that .22 rimfire and bring it to the range with you! We will be hosting another year of Long Range .22 rimfire matches! All of the matches are held at 200 yards. There will be 10 matches, with a 6 match aggregate for SCORE winner at the end of the season.
Matches will be held after the Saturday Light Gun Matches. The winner of each individual match takes home a large percentage of the entrance fees.
This year, we are considering another, separate class competition - FACTORY CLASS. In the traditional class, there are no equipment restrictions, so break out dad's old Marlin or bring that custom Turbo and test your wind reading, trigger pulling, excuse making skills and see if you can take home some prize money!
Dave Powley will be running the matches, you can contact him at for more information and to let him know your thoughts on a FACTORY CLASS.

2017-01-11 - Contact Information

Due to some of the issues with road closures, floods, etc, in the past, we are asking that everyone provide a CELL PHONE NUMBER on their application so that we can send out a group text message in case of any emergency situations that should arise.

ATTENTION: Membership Information!!!

ALL NEW MEMBERS applying for membership MUST apply in person at The Original PA 1000 Yard BR Club!!! No exceptions! NEW Memberships will only be accepted in this manner. If you send in your NEW member membership, it will be returned to you. This applies to NEW MEMBERS only.
Please contact any of the board members, or myself ( if you have any questions about this procedure.
The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc., is a BENCHREST CLUB, not a general shooting range. If you would like to participate in Long Range competition or learn how to shoot accurately at Long Range, PLEASE come to the CLUB and join in the fun!