Aquiring Hall of Fame Status in 1000 yard benchrest is an important milestone to any of the people listed in these pages. Ultimately, it's an honor bestowed upon those who have put forth a great effort in achieving thier goals and done it without loosing sight of the top for a long time.

These people probably make up less than 1% of the shooters who have been involved with our sport over the years, making this quite an exclusive list.

Heavy Gun Class Hall Of Fame:

Inductee Year Admitted
1George StephanisMarietta, PA1974
2Bill Hagerman Point Pleasant, N.J.1975
3Al TeichnerNutley, N.J.1979
4Howard Wolfe Mifflinburg, PA1979
5Clair Peters Columbia, PA1979
6Joe Doebler Williamsport, PA1980
7Bob Wolfe Mifflinburg, PA1982
8Earl Chronister York, PA1983
9George Reeder Cogan Station, PA1985
10Lowell Amand Lititz, PA1985
11David Shull Millerstown, PA1985
12Greg Amand Lititz, PA1987
13Les Wilcox West Long Branch, N.J.1988
14Rick Taylor Seabrook, MD1989
15Bruce Baer Newburg, PA1990
16Paul DeWalt New Cumberland, Pa.1990
17Sarah MorganWilliamsport, PA1992
18Les HagermanPoint Pleasant, NJ1995
19Ken KeeferNew Columbia, PA1995
20Allen EvelerFelton, PA1995
21Wayne EvelerFelton, PA1997
22Walter BryanSalladasburg, PA1997
23Wayne LinsenbachNew Bloomfield, PA1998
24Frank WeberSteelton, PA1999
25Daniel FrazierJersey Shore, PA2000
26Mark KingDuncannon, PA2002
27Richard LauverMifflentown, PA.2002
28Rich DillonWind Gap, PA2003
29Matt KlineSelinsgrove, PA2006
30Ted MorganWilliamsport, PA2006
31Bill MartinVictor, MT2006
32Wes SpringmanMontgomery, PA2006
33Eric SpringmanAllenwood, PA2007
34Phil BowerJersey Shore, PA2008
35Ken BrucklacherLiberty, PA2008
36 Kathy Saltalamachia Oswego, NY 2009
37 Edward Kenzakoski Wilkes-Barre, PA 2009
38 Wayne Burrows New Columbia, PA 2009

Congratulations to everyone on this list. You're all in good company.